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Planning for College

Learn about the true costs of college and the process of finding aid

College Costs

College costs are more than just the price of tuition. Living arrangements, books and meals can raise the sticker price.
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What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is any money used to pay for college, whether it's earned by you, given to you, or loaned to you by a bank. Read a comparison of Federal PLUS Loans versus private loans, view a list of federal tax benefits available to those paying for higher education, and learn what it means to co-sign a loan. Learn More

Getting Financial Aid Starts with FAFSA

Completing the FAFSA is the first step in applying for many forms of financial aid. Every future college student should complete one, even if you think you're not entitled to federal financial aid. You can't borrow Stafford or PLUS loans without it. Learn More

Financial Aid Timeline

Getting into college and finding money to pay for college are two processes that begin in your junior year of high school. Don't get overwhelmed – get organized. Learn More

Customer Service

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Create Your Own Strategy

Whether you're planning to borrow or preparing for repayment, we offer tools to help you create strategies that work best for you.

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You are encouraged to explore all scholarship, grant and federal borrowing options before applying for a private loan.

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